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What can I use a Home Extension for?

What can I use a home extension for?

Are you thinking about getting a home extension? Home extensions can be used for lots of different things, depending on what type you go for. Not only do they make your home larger and give you more available space, they also help to add value to your property. If you’re considering moving to a larger home, you should first consider extending your current home. This can be much easier and work out cheaper in the long run! Keep reading to find out our recommendations for each type of home extension. 

Single storey room extension

This is the most basic type of home extension and it creates a new, standard room in your home. This can be used for a range of things, such as an office, bedroom or living room. You could also use this extension to extend a room you already had, such as making your kitchen more open plan. 

A room conversion

Another common extension is a loft or garage conversion. Conversions are a great option for creating more living space in your property, without having to build/extend on the existing structure. Loft conversions are commonly used for bedrooms, adding space to your current upstairs floor. Garage conversions are great for adding a separate living space to your home, that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

A conservatory or orangery

These two conversions are slightly different but have similar uses. The amount of light they allow in makes them ideal for extra living space and they can be used all year round. A conservatory can be one of the cheaper types of extensions. 

A double storey rear extension

Double storey extensions add much more valuable space to your home, making them a great option if you were considering moving to a larger home. As the name suggests, these extensions add space to both floors of your home, giving you potentially an extra room downstairs and upstairs. This can transform the feel of your home, making it seem much bigger and better suited to your needs. This extra space can be used for whatever you feel is necessary, helping to make your home feel more comfortable.

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