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Before and After: Hector Street

Before and After: Dream kitchen at Hector Street, Plumstead

What some of our clients are discovering is that the minimalist modern kitchens of 10 or 20 years ago aren’t cool anymore – they’re cold. The owners of this property on Hector Street in Plumstead held that view, and wanted a new kitchen installed that felt modern and contemporary, but with a few more traditional charms.

A stylish, comfortable modern kitchen

Kitchen before & after

Even with the red tiled splashback, the kitchen had a cold, linear aspect to it due to the design and finish of the white lacquered cabinets. A fresh approach was needed, which entailed new units in green with wood textures showing through, and hardwood work surfaces bringing a richer, natural colour to the space.

Going without over counter cabinets opens the space out substantially, and replacing the grey flooring with artful starburst ceramic tiles really makes this kitchen feel like home – without a hint of tweeness.

From bay window to dining nook

Kitchen before & after 2

The room already had the benefit of a side bay window, but a small, square dining table in the space took away from this feature.

Our carpentry team turned the bay into a dining nook with booth-like seating organically riffing on the architecture so that a round table can sit in the space with a couple of chairs making for a cosy space to sit down for dinner, or to just relax with a cup of tea.

The exaggerated pendant lights that drop in over the table at varying heights add another nice touch to the space.

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