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Should I Renovate my Home or Move?

If you are feeling fed up and bored with your surroundings, you may be wondering whether it is time to move somewhere new or renovate your home. Deciding to move out is a big decision, so it is important that you thoroughly consider both of your options.

Consider whether you really do want to move out

If you have lived in your current home or area for a while, you probably have some emotional roots in where you live. For example, do you have friendly neighbours, local family or an easy commute to work? These will all make you love the place you live even more. But you need to be realistic and consider whether this is important enough to make you stay. Just because you love your home now, doesn’t mean you won’t love somewhere else even more! On online websites such as Right Move, you can search for homes within your budget and do some research into the local area. if you don’t find anything that takes your fancy, its likely moving isn’t the right option.

Know your budget

When you decide whether to move out or renovate, you need to be very realistic with your budget. Obviously, moving to a new house is likely to be the more expensive option, so you need to consider whether this is possible with your current finances. You also need to consider your long-term options and consider which is best for your future.

Things to consider if you renovate…

  • Look through your belongings- you will be able to get rid of things you no longer need, which can free up some needed space
  • Change your furniture- you can upcycle what you already have or swap your current furniture for something new
  • Redecorate your home- changing up your walls or flooring is a great option and can make your home feel completely different

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