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Different Types of Home Extensions

Are you considering adding some extra space to your home? Getting an extension is the way to go! However, there are so many different types of extensions that it can be confusing to know which sort is right for you. We have created a handy guide to help you out.


Porches are very common home extensions, as they are simple and don’t always require planning permission. They add a little extra space onto the front of your home, helping your home to feel warmer and more secure. However, if you are looking to add a lot of extra space, they may not be the best option.


These are another common type of extension that can give you a whole extra room for your home. Due to new materials being used in conservatories, the can now regulate temperatures much better- making them sable all year round.

Single storey home extension

This type of extension adds a whole new room to your home that can be used as a bedroom, a dining room, or an office- for example. They are built onto a part of your home where there is only a ground floor, so the extension adds the top storey.

Single storey rear extension

This is the standard type of home extension, as it adds a brand new room onto the back of the house, using space that would previously have been unused land or garden. This gives you a lot of potential for your home and you can use it for a new purpose, or to make your downstairs more open plan.

Two storey extension

Two story extensions add a room to your upstairs and downstairs and is built on the side of your home. This is a good option for if you need a considerable amount of extra space and want to fully transform the feel of your home. Your upstairs room could be a new bedroom or office, while the downstairs room creates a new living space for you to enjoy. This type of extension gives you endless possibilities for your home.

Side Return Extensions

Finally, side return extensions are another option for home extensions. This type of home extension means you can expend your home into the alleyway of the property. Whilst this type of extension is typically a small extension, it can make the difference you might be looking for with a home extension. 

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